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    2 New FKers!


    A few exciting things happened over the past few weeks that I didn’t mention before because we were getting ready for and talking about PAX.

    The first is that we hired two more developers at Frostkeep Studios! Don’t worry, we’ll get headshots and a new team page as soon as we get a better camera. Without further ado, here are the bios of our two new FKers!

    Jake Strapko
    Jake is known for breaking game mechanics in Rend and exploiting them to his advantage, in that order. With a lifetime of experience in competitive gaming, Jake grew up in a household where LAN parties were the norm. He competed against his brother and father in popular online games like Quake, Command: Modern Air Naval Operations and Conquer Online before eventually shifting his reserves to focus on Counter-Strike. Jake is formally trained in graphic design, product branding and apparel design, and has also ventured into competitive teams with Counter-Strike 1.5 and playing on multiple tournament teams during the Overwatch Beta where he was one of the top 500 players for Seasons 1 and 2. As one of the most active players in the Rend pre-alpha, Jake can be found streaming on Twitch and helping to build game communities. His focus at Frostkeep will be on making Rend as fair and balanced as possible.

    Michele Cagle
    Known for “making lemonade” and finding the good in everything (as Bob Ross would say, “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents”), Michele Cagle is a seasoned communications executive with nearly 20 years of gaming, corporate, entertainment and consumer products experience. Michele previously led global communications efforts at Sony Online Entertainment, Daybreak Games, THQ and Mattel, including corporate communications, brand PR, internal communications, influencer relations and events. When she’s not off saving animals or channeling her inner Bruce Lee to execute awesome campaigns, Michele can be found chasing sunsets, eating mangos, and getting salty with her family at local beaches on the mainland and in Hawaii.

    The next thing that happened was that we were put on Tech Raptor’s top 10 games at PAX West! This was a huge surprise and an incredible honor, especially when looking at the other games on that list (Dead Cells is sooooo good). We’re so excited to show off the game, and can’t wait to open up the pre-alpha servers again.

    As far as happenings around the office, I’m still plugging away at the UI rework (we’ll get another UI blog later). Tyler and Ron are working on AI and Item system design. Jake is doing some super secret work as well as focus testing and balance design. James is working on new prop items. Travis and Mat are working on making the map bigger and all the cool new biomes. David is working on some performance things regarding base building.

    As always we’re here answering questions from the community on Twitter, Facebook, Steam and the community Discord! Come join us!

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    •     Last week, Mat and I got to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma to show off Rend at XPO Fest. When we signed up for this originally, Rend was going to be released and we were going to have the game available to play there. Because we decided to delay release to make the game better, we sadly didn’t have a playable build there. We had lots of people stop by the booth to chat and watch Mat art Mat shows off some of the art tricks he learned over the years to one of the artists on A.N.N.E up a few models for one of our new biomes. People seemed to love learning how the sausage is made, and we were able to teach anyone who wanted to listen. We had a great time there. A few of the highlights from the trip:
      1. Mat got conscripted to play in the League of Legends tournament and helped his team place 2nd! They didn’t know he used to work at Riot until he showed off every skin of every character on his account.
      2. We got some concept fanart from the best fanartist ever. I wish I had gotten a picture of Ava the awesome 3 year old who came by and drew us a Unicorn! Hopefully we can get Ava’s unicorn in game at some point.
      3. Mat was on a panel (To the Point: Industry Pros Discuss the Biggest Gaming Trends) about current gaming trends with some other devs and influencers at the festival.
      4. We met a lot of amazing devs and players who are now super excited about Rend!   A few twitch partners stopped by and couldn’t stop staring at Mat’s genius A quick update on the happenings in the office right now! Dave is working on making the combat feel much better. James has been working on weapon models (some sweet designs coming out). Nick has been concept arting some of the armor that you’ll be crafting in Rend. Solomon has been working on creature animations and helping me with UX (!!). Mat has been hard at work modeling resources for different biomes (more about these coming soon), and texturing up the biomes. Travis has been hard at work making the world and modeling some of the armor that Nick has been drawing up. Jake has been working closely with Tyler to create new talents for our class system. Ron and Tyler have been working ridiculously hard on all the other systems in the game. I’ve been working on a content plan (to have more regular blog updates) and UI (as per usual), maybe I should do another blogpost about the UI. As usual, you can find us on the community discord, Twitter, Facebook. We gearing up quickly for pre-alpha testing to start up again. So sign up! read the original article