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  • iamacyborg

    Hi Folks,

    I've been hard at work over the last few days adding some new functionality to this site for the community.

    As a first phase launch, we now have an item database that anyone can contribute to. With just a few simple fields you can add the in-game stats for an item alongside any typical content you might want to see.

    This is displayed in a format which should be immediately recognisable to anyone who's ever used a game wiki, but as it's integrated into this site there's a ton of additional features we'll be bringing to the table.

    You can check out a sample item here:

    You can access the full item database page here which allows you to easily create new items.

    I have a lot new features planned for this site, so would love to hear any feedback you might have!







    The very generous folks at Frostkeep have given us another 5 pre-alpha keys to give out to lucky forum members.

    I've had a lot of feedback from community members who are eager to get into the pre-alpha test phase so to keep things fair, we'll be running this on a pure RNG basis, with the contest ending and winners being picked by random number generator on Thursday 27th April at 8pm (UK time).

    Want a chance to win? Simple, all you need to do is register an account on the forums. Already got an account? No problem, you'll automatically be submitted for a chance to win.



    • Anyone with a forum account, excepting previous forum contest winners will be eligible for entry
    • Anyone caught making multiple accounts will be banned from this and all future contests

    Winners will be notified privately upon completion of the contest via pm on the forums. 


    PS: There's another giveaway on the Rend Discord channel, ending at 7pm EST today (25/04/17), please join Discord for details.


    Rend Guides

    By iamacyborg, in Articles,

    We've got some kickarse community members here at Rend Forums, specifically @Yamakasi and @Roque Kazin who've put together some awesome guides for players looking to start getting into Rend (once the pre-alpha opens up a little more of course)

    To start with, we've got an awesome overview of the Character Creation process:

    Not forgetting guides on the Skill System:

    The Mount System:

    And last but by no means least, a guide on how to cut wood, one of the first things you'll want to do upon entering the world of Rend for the first time.

    Any Rend Forum member can access and creates guides in the Guides section of the site, what's more, Guides are built as collaborative articles that anyone can contribute to, simply hit the big gold Edit button on a guide page.

    I've got a ton more features planned to make this the best Rend resource on the net, please let me know if you've got any questions, suggestions or concerns!


    Checks your PM's folks, 5 lucky winners have just been sent their alpha keys :)

    For those of you who signed up but didn't win, please stick around, we're working on turning this into the best Rend community website out there, and we'll be sure to have more contests in the future!


    The lovely folks at Frostkeep (I'm looking at you @FK_JarNod) have very generously granted us 5 alpha keys for 5 lucky winners. We'll be running a random draw at 9am (UK time) tomorrow morning. That's 9am on 21/04/17.

    So what do you need to do to become one of those lucky winners?

    Well all you need to do is register for a forum account.

    Already got an account? Cool, you're already included in the draw, so you don't need to do anything other than cross your fingers.

    Good luck!


    Some lucky members of the community had their dreams come true earlier today with an invite to the alpha test from the folks at Frostkeep.

    If you're one of the lucky ones, why not start sharing your impressions in the dedicated Alpha Testing subforum?

    Not one of the lucky ones? Make sure you're signed up with an account here, we might have a surprise for you ;)



    Fireside chat

    By iamacyborg, in Articles,

    The most excellent @FK_JarNod just posted a new blog post over on the Frostkeep website, you should go check it out.

    In case you're feeling lazy, you can also read it below, but definitely go check it out on their site too!


    Well, finalizing that content schedule took longer than we expected, but now that we have, expect more consistent updates leading to early access launch and beyond! For this specific post, to make sure that we start off on the right foot again, I’m going to look at Rend from a high level, as well as answer a few questions I’ve seen pop up on social media and other places.

    So, let’s talk about Rend. How did we come up with this game for our first game as a new studio? Well, we wanted to make a game we were all excited about, and since we had all been playing survival games before we started the company, it seemed like a logical step. Similar to how Mat, Jeremy, and Solomon approached the MMO genre back when they were helping create World of Warcraft, we took a hard look at why survival games were so much fun, and where they lost their luster. Here’s a few things that we found:

    1. Survival games promise a great war. Everyone builds their base after starting from nothing, and slowly increase in power until they can knock off a neighbor (whether by alliance or destruction) until they’re the biggest baddest tribe on the server. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is you and a couple of buddies build up a base, make sure it’s fortified, and log off for the night. At 4:00 in the morning, another tribe logs in, sees your undefended base, and proceeds to break it open and take all your hard earned loot. When we raided other tribes like that, we left unsatisfied. When we got raided like that, we didn’t feel like starting the grind all over again. We all tasted that tantalizing battle, but only experienced it very rarely. We knew we had to design to provide that war to the player.
    2. The only way to prevent your base from being destroyed while you are offline is to join the biggest baddest guild on the server. No one would dare raid your base now! Well that’s true, instead everyone that isn’t in the biggest baddest guild ends up leaving the server causing you to be stuck there with no one to fight. We knew we had to design balance into the game.



      An example base made by some of our friends and family testers

    To solve the second one first, we decided to have the player choose a faction when they create a character on a server for the first time. By only allowing a maximum number of players (currently 20, but will be a server setting) per faction online at a time, we could guarantee that the factions would be equal. When you login, you’ll be joining your faction’s community immediately. You’re not trying to survive alone with no guidance. You’re trying to survive with and for each other.

    But we still hadn’t solved the first discovery. While we were trying to solve that, we played a great game called Kingdom: New Lands (or Kingdom: Classic). In it, you play as a princess who must collect resources to grow her kingdom to survive demon hordes. The idea was perfect for a faction survival game like ours. Every week at a set time (or more often depending on the server), monsters could attack the base that the faction had created. Well, why didn’t we just use that for attacking players too? And thus our idea for the Reckoning was born. The Reckoning is a set time where every faction’s protected shields drop and waves of lost ones attack each base attempting to destroy the Divinity Stone, i.e. the source of the faction’s power. The waves will only last a percentage of the total length of the Reckoning. Your shields will stay down after the Lost Ones are driven back, and what you do with your time during that is up to you. Everyone’s base is unprotected, which means the great war is possible and is happening.

    With those three core game designs (survival, factions, The Reckoning), we were excited about building a game around them. Suddenly possibilities for expanding the game came flooding into the office from all of us. “Why don’t we add a skill system? You know, like Ultima Online!” So, we built a skill system. Every task that a player does will help them get better at said tasks. So if you enjoy mining, you’ll get better at mining. If you enjoy PvP, you’ll get better at PvP. If you like deep dives, you’ll get better at … I’m being told that I’m spending too much time on a system we’ll have a blogpost for later. I just wanted to give you all a taste on our process and how Rend came about.

    On a final note, I want to discuss a little bit about why we decided to launch in early access. Ultimately, it was because we wanted the community and the players to have a say in what Rend will be. We built this company so that the best idea wins out, and that means it doesn’t matter where it comes from. We’ve already gotten suggestions for new systems from the Rend fan discord and on the Rend fan forums. We’ve even already implemented systems that answer those suggestions! As the saying goes, thousands of heads are better than five. So come join us in this wild adventure. It’ll be fantastic.


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    • The away team is back from PAX East 2018 where we learned three very important things: Boston is cold, even in April. PAX East may now legitimately be bigger than PAX West. PopSockets are this year’s hot giveaway swag. This was our third convention of the year and much like with GDC 2018 the response from game journalists shows how well our latest Rend demo was received! Here are some clips and quotes from a few press outlets along with links to their full coverage. Shacknews: PAX East 2018: Rend Gameplay and Interview “The action/RPG/survival hybrid has been on the show circuit for a while now and continues to wow each time we get a closer look. The last time we saw Rend was at GDC where Shacknews video editor and former roadie for LFO Greg Burke got a small glimpse at the game. This time, we dig in deep for an extended look at the game in motion and get to pick Wood’s brain from the comforts of the Shacknews booth.”  Alienware: PAX East 2018 Livestream DualShockers:  Rend Is Looking to Change Up the Survival Genre “Players can also mobilize to attack other team’s bases and if one team is dominating another, two teams can work together to take that team’s base down during these events where they’re unprotected. I can’t wait to see how some of Rend’s larger battles play out in-game, I’m a sucker for all-out warfare.“ AppTrigger:  Rend: A Survival Game You Can Actually Win “Frostkeep Studios’ iterative take on survival game mechanics mixed with fantasy RPG elements caught my interest. Rend takes a traditional, survival game blueprint and transforms it into a competitive, community-based experience. This is a survival game in which you can actually win or lose.“ Irrational Passions: Rend Preview – Team-Based Survival “Rend has a really cool and unique team-building vibe to it, and with its clear structure and cycle-based nature, it immediately caught my eye. I was told that the team at Frostkeep wants to launch within the next six to nine months into early access, and I’m really excited to see how communities pick up and respond to this game.” Blast Magazine: PAX East 2018 – Rend Preview “From what we saw, Rend seems like it will be an epic-sized game. Still in pre-alpha, its map looked massive and the random creatures roaming everywhere made the world really come alive. Just imagine that with 60 players running around trying to kill each other.“ Massively Overpowered: Frostkeep’s Rend Has Come a Very Long Way in Just One Year “When I saw Rend last year, I walked away from it impressed with the scope of its vision and the prospect for what it could be in the future. The last year of game development as an industry seems to have gone in the other direction, with bubbles of battle royale encouraging short-term building without long term investment. It would have been easy for Rend to shrink itself down, and I’m pleased to say that it hasn’t. Quite the opposite; it’s kept growing larger and more engaging, and I find myself more curious than ever to see what it offers players as it continues moving through development.“ MMORPG.com: Rend Gets Bigger and Better “Rend, if you remember, wants to make the survival sandbox RPG not suck. If PAX East’s showing is any indication, I suspect that Frostkeep is well on their way to this goal. While still in alpha (with a new testing phase coming up very soon), there’s a whole lot of of new content – 9 new biomes, over 30 new monsters, entirely new player character models, new progression and skill trees, personal bases/housing, clan bases/housing, and on and on and on…” MMOGames.com:  Rend at PAX East 2018: More, But Bigger “The first thing that’s grown in Rend’s current build is the map, which is now five times the size it was previously. With new biomes added to the game for a total of 12, each with a whole lot of new materials and, of course, new dangers. One of those biomes is a swamp region, which was shown to me in a friends and family build of the game. The region changed from a sunshine-soaked temperate forest zone to being a black and green, fog-covered expanse with new enemies to take on.” We look forward to bringing Rend to many more conventions (and countries!) as 2018 continues marching towards the game’s closed alpha, Early Access, and beyond! read the original article
    • No worries, always happy to promote great community content!
    • Oh hey thanks man!
    • Community member @Zeddthesupport put together this great video explaining exactly what makes Rend so special. Check it out!
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    • https://youtu.be/Ht9kApyBKk0

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