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    • Rend Early Access Patch 2.1 arrives August 13 and introduces important balance changes and bug fixes. read the original article
    • Rend Early Access Patch 2 arrives August 10 and includes more than 100 changes based on player feedback. read the original article
    • We're inviting the Rend community to help us name the rare spawns of the creatures found across Rend! read the original article
    • Rend is a beautiful game however, it's such an intricate and complex game. With that said, i am building a clan base and would like to be able to craft items like armor, potions, weapons, etc. I understand that a personal crafting station can be crafted at stronghold's construction shop. The remaining personal refineries can then be crafted by using the personal crafting station.  After doing so, i came across confusing and hard to grasp station's plugs such as the critical chance plug, the bonus enchantment plug, the reduce break plug , and lastly crafting speed(self-explanatory)
      What does these additional plug do? 
      1) critical chance plug
      2)bonus enchatment plug
      3)reduce break ( this is the emphasis of the discussion )
    • I was curious if there was a very clear explanation of what each server setting means when you increase or decrease the number.

      We are a Streaming House and we are running a server. We just want to make sure the settings are optimal so everyone has fun.

      DownToQuest Streaming House

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