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  2. PC Gamer Weekender Livestream Replay

    Missed our first-ever Rend livestream recorded at PC Gamer Weekender in London earlier this month? Catch the replay on PC Gamer’s YouTube channel or simply watch it embedded in this news post! If you haven’t yet, be sure to join the Rend community on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and community-operated Discord. While you’re at it, read about our 2018 plans and sign up for the game’s alpha test! read the original article
  3. Rend PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream

    Didn't catch the Rend PCG live stream? Don't worry, you can watch it below.
  4. Rend PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream

    Didn't catch the Rend PCG live stream? Don't worry, you can watch it below. View full news
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  6. System Requirements

    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 10 Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU RAM: 4 GB of RAM Graphics Card: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Disk space: 10 GB
  7. System Requirements

    Anyone know what the ballpark system requirements are going to be? I'd like to get into Alpha (not sure what the chances are), but just curious how my computer will handle it.
  8. Which logo do you like more? And why?

    I kinda like booth, the old aswell as the new. As a Banner for Rend on a Webpage I like the old one more. On the Pax Banner in Reallife the new one looks awesome, the only thing i dislike is the "N" i dont like the two \ between the I I The Symbol is awesome aswell
  9. Which logo do you like more? And why?

    I like the look of the old one but I think the new one is very clean and unique. (Best way I could put it 😆)
  10. Hot on the heels of PAX South, Frostkeep Studios is heading to London to attend PC Gamer Weekender from February 17-18, 2018. The team is bringing the latest Rend demo across the pond to showcase it to press and industry partners at the event. This new version highlights updates and improvements based on initial community feedback as detailed in our recent post about Rend’s alpha phase beginning later this quarter. The Frostkeep team will also participate in a developer chat and interview on PC Gamer’s official event livestream. We’ll announce more details about our presence at the show (like the location of the Rend gameplay stations) in a few weeks. Hope to see you there! read the original article
  11. Which logo do you like more? And why?

    I like the new logo, its a fresher look over the old one, the banner on the right gives me good fibes
  12. Which logo do you like more? And why?

    I love the new logo!
  13. Which logo do you like more? And why?

  14. Write what you think about it? (Напишите, что Вы думаете об этом?) Old: New:
  15. Rend’s Logo Reforged

    Перевод на русский: https://vk.cc/7zXYKI
  16. Rend’s Logo Reforged

    New year, new look! Tribal identity is a key aspect of Rend as its gameplay centers around a trio of competing factions. With the game being featured at conventions starting as soon as this week, we thought it was time to unveil Rend’s new logo. Full Color: Black: Icon/Avatar: For more insight into the inspiration behind this rebranding, here is Lead Artist and Writer Nick De Spain: A lot of thought and consideration went into the creation of the new logo for Rend. Our goal was to encompass many aspects of the game and bring its essence to life without making the actual text of the logo difficult to read. Taking inspiration from Norse runes and the idea of triangles and triads (Rend is based on three warring factions), we created the logo you see today. The gold used for the logo color was intentional to represent glory and Valhalla. The dents and cuts are a nod to how brutal and dangerous the world can be. As a fun bonus, we found the logo worked well when flipped and repeated together to resemble a Norse pattern. The entire process of finding Rend‘s new logo was a fun challenge and rewarding experience. Let us know what you think about Rend’s new look on our Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and community-run Discord. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read about our 2018 plans and sign up for the game’s alpha test! read the original article
  17. Frostkeep Marching on PAX South 2018

    Frostkeep Studios will be kicking off the new year in sunny San Antonio at PAX South from January 12-14, 2018. The team will be hanging out with players and presenting a new demo of Rend to industry partners, journalists, and content creators behind closed doors. The new game build includes updates and improvements based on initial community feedback as detailed in our recent post about Rend’s upcoming alpha testing. If you’re at the show, stop by and say hello to us at the Frostkeep booth (#10465) near the center of the expo hall – just look for the Rend sign hanging overhead. We’ll see you there! read the original article
  18. Happy Holidays from Frostkeep Studios

    What an exciting ride 2017 has been for us! From first publicly announcing Rend and tripling the size of our development team, to moving into a new studio headquarters and transitioning Friends & Family testing into pre-alpha – it’s been a year of memorable milestones. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out our latest update from the team to see what 2018 will ring in for Rend. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Rend pre-alpha and supported us at conventions and on social media this year. You are the reason we do what we do: you are why we make video games. From our small family of gamers to yours, we wish you a safe and relaxing holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the new year! read the original article
  19. Rend Alpha Begins Q1 2018

    Перевод на русский язык от FrostKeepRU Team: сайт или vk.com
  20. Rend Alpha Begins Q1 2018

    We hope December is treating everyone well! Before we take a short pause to be with our families for the holidays we wanted to take a moment to update you on the next phase for Rend. We have been heads-down, working hard to expand the game beyond anything you’ve seen or played in the pre-alpha. Our goal with Rend has always been to present a fresh approach to gameplay in a way that transforms how players are interacting and participating in a survival game while also solving many of the pain points that can be experienced in this genre. Thanks to the initial community feedback from our pre-alpha players, we’ve introduced many additions and improvements to the game – from a bigger map (4x larger), more sandbox and RPG elements like personal base-building, a deepening of the crafting system, new creatures, game-changing items, and more. Click for wallpaper size! Our next big step will be launching the Rend alpha in the first quarter of 2018. We will initially begin with a brief round of Friends & Family testing to establish client build readiness and server stability before opening up alpha testing to our earlier pre-alpha players who will have immediate access. We will increase the tester pool over time and as needed, adding in waves of players who previously signed up for pre-alpha (no need to re-register on the website). Our staff will continue to be available on Twitter, Facebook, and Steam as well as fan-operated channels such as Reddit and Discord throughout alpha. During this major test phase, we will introduce a new restriction for players: the alpha will be under a strict media embargo prohibiting the publishing of test client screenshots, videos and streams by players. Please note this is not a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as we will strongly encourage everyone to discuss the game and their alpha experiences with the greater Rend community. We also plan to engage our current and future content creators during alpha with initiatives such as invitation giveaways, partnerships, and more. This restriction will help our team position and maximize opportunities for the game by using Rend’s new content — including new biomes, monsters and game mechanics – for features that are timed alongside our release roadmap. Thank you for your ongoing support – we’re grateful and excited to have you with us as Rend enters the next phase of testing in the new year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! The Team at Frostkeep Studios read the original article
  21. Reinforcements Have Arrived at Frostkeep Studios

    Translated into Russian: www.frostkeep.ru
  22. Reinforcements Have Arrived at Frostkeep Studios

    Thanks for joining!
  23. Reinforcements Have Arrived at Frostkeep Studios

    Greetings all! Very excited to be here and looking forward to interacting with the Rend community on these forums. We have a lot in the works and are eager to share what's coming up next for Rend!
  24. The last few months have been a whirlwind (and exciting!) time here at Frostkeep. We’ve been heads down, working around the clock on new updates to Rend and are thrilled to announce four new team members to Frostkeep Studios. Please join us in welcoming the newest Frostkeepers to the team, including: Tim Truesdale, Principal Software Engineer Tim began playing and creating games on some of the first personal computers available. He started his professional career making arcade games in Chicago, focusing on engine and graphics programming. He moved on to Blizzard Entertainment where he worked on World of Warcraft and first met the Frostkeep Studios founders. At Carbine Studios he worked on Wildstar with many members of the Frostkeep team. After working at Obsidian Entertainment on Pillars of Eternity 2 and an unannounced project, Tim joins with colleagues old and new at Frostkeep to work on Rend. Tom Cassera, Senior Game Designer – @Hildogen Tom spent many of his early years attempting to conquer the world using schemes from his favorite TV shows. Despite some sweet (very) amateur yo-yo “skills”, most of these plans were unwittingly thwarted by the up and coming hero, and Tom’s now nemesis: Nick De Spain. After a particularly spectacular failure involving some cottage cheese, an armadillo, and a whole mess of sandpaper at a library, he decided to end their rivalry with mutually assured destruction through their shared weakness: a burning polar bear. With the centuries long feud over, Tom decided to pursue his love for bacon and game development. Starting his career as a programmer, he transferred to his first full-time design job as a gameplay scripter at 38 Studios. Shortly after he went to Carbine to design dungeon and raid content for Wildstar, then to Sony as a technical designer on God of War 4. Now reunited with several of his previous colleagues at Frostkeep, he contributes to their upcoming game with specialization in combat/systems design, exasperating programmers, and homemade baked goods. Loren Broach, Senior 3D Artist Growing up, Loren didn’t own any fancy console systems like the Nintendo or Sega Genesis. Instead he would boot up his dad’s work computer and play some good ol’ DOS game classics like One Must Fall, Raptor, and Jazz Jackrabbit. None of his friends knew what games he was talking about, but they were a big influence in his desire to make games himself. Loren began his game making career working as an artist for Bungie back in 2007. Since then he has helped ship 6 games from 4 companies ranging from AAA to indie. He met David Talley and Nick De Spain at Turtle Rock Studios while working on Evolve. He now works with them again and has joined the ranks of Frostkeep Studios as a props and environment modeler for Rend. Evan Berman, Community Lead – @Scapes Evan began his gamer life on an Apple IIC playing 8-bit titles before it was cool. Starting in commercial video production at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, he travelled west to follow his passion for games and player engagement. With a focus on online multiplayer titles, he has pioneered new channels for community management at Bethesda Softworks, Microsoft, Trion Worlds, En Masse Entertainment, and THQ. After 10 years of developing game audiences for international corporations and startup studios, he is excited to join industry veterans at Frostkeep Studios and introduce the world to Rend. We also have some bittersweet news to share — a departure among our ranks: Jordan Leithart, better known as JarNod to our Steam and Discord communities, will be leaving Frostkeep for greener pastures in a far-away realm outside the game industry. Our new Community Lead, Evan Berman, will continue the great work that Jordan spearheaded in engaging and growing Rend’s passionate community. We wish Jordan save journeys and the best of fortune as he enters the wild, untamed world of working in a field our parents can comprehend. Rest assured, we have much more Rend news to announce before the year is out! If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow the latest developments on our Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and community-run Discord. Keep frosty! read the original article
  25. translating to Russian language on: сайт (site) или паблик (public)
  26. (*Editor’s Note* When Mat and Jordan went to XPO festival, one of the things that people seemed to enjoy most was a little behind the scenes look at how our art assets are made. We asked James to write a few words with some explanations on how he does his work at Frostkeep Studios. If you have any further questions about this, please reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, and even the Discord.) When working on Rend, textures and assets are produced employing a variety of methods, from hand painted to procedurally generated textures, using Photoshop, Zbrush and the Allegorithmic Substance suite. A node graph for a procedurally generated texture from Substance Designer. At Frostkeep Studios, we focus on aspects of the game that will have the biggest impact on the quality of the player’s experience. Instead of spending copious amounts of time creating textures for assets that players breeze by when playing, we utilize texture sheets containing common materials generally needed to make most common props in the world. A procedurally generated and hand-painted asset side by side. When we are looking to create a set of base building assets, the first thing we do is gather reference and create a new texture atlas to use on new building pieces. The texture consists of the common materials from the tier of the structures we are working on. A simple texture used for base building assets. Once we have a texture to work with, we get creative and try to come up with as many assets as we can with this texture sheet we’ve created. The 3D Studio max base-building geometry library, all utilizing the texture pictured above. Unreal shader node integrating vertex color into the texture sample. Using secondary textures and vertex coloring we can create variety in the assets through carved runes and color variations. All meshes are composed of vertices that contain an RGBA value that can be used to influence the appearance of the mesh in a variety of ways, such as tinting the color of a texture. The same asset with and without vertex coloring. Once the meshes have been created, they just have to be hooked up into the data tables, which is a lot easier now that Ron has organized them neatly for us. From there things like names, health, crafting costs, icons and other values are defined, and then the asset is implemented! A sneak peak into one of our many datatables. So there you have it. A quick peak into one of the many ways that we create art at Frostkeep Studios! read the original article
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