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  3. What time is it? Key giveaway time!

  4. Announcement regarding launch date

    It's a pity :( Translated into Russian: https://vk.com/page-142823387_53024785
  5. Announcement regarding launch date

    I guess that means a pre-alpha key for everyone still not in to compensate us for the delay. The obvious being said, that is nice news you manage to get that opportunity (cash entry I suppose). Against games like Fortnite coming out too, you will need all the bullets you can get.
  6. Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

    I really want a Minimap
  7. Announcement regarding launch date

    Good news that devs are taking time to fix the bugs and game but do not like the delay news.
  8. Announcement regarding launch date

    Hello everyone, We have some exciting news and game updates to share with you today. First, thank you to everyone who is participating in our pre-alpha. Your feedback is valuable and helps us to improve the overall game experience in Rend. As mentioned before, we created Frostkeep Studios with the hope and vision of evolving the industry forward, specifically with the survival genre. Our goal with Rend is to present a fresh approach to gameplay and exceed players’ traditional expectations. The excitement around the game has brought our studio an amazing opportunity to take Rend to the next level. With this new support, we are re-evaluating current development plans and exploring ways in which we can deliver an even more robust in-game experience at launch. Our team is incredibly grateful for this new opportunity to make Rend an even better game than we originally envisioned. Given these significant updates, we have shifted the early access launch date on Steam to later this year to factor in time for adding in these new features and mechanics. In the upcoming weeks, please expect ongoing updates to the game. This may include dark periods where the game is not accessible. We will be in touch soon to share more of these updates as they are available. Thank you again for your support – see you in game. The Frostkeep Team read the original article
  9. Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

    no map, no minimap and no compass. To see where you are you have to look at the world tree. Its an unwritten rule the the world tree is allways north and the home base is allways in the oposite direction of the tree. There is a rain catcher but it doesnt work as there is no rain so yet. For seasons thats not the case but there are different bioms on the map. The Area around each faction is grass / hill land. Center is a bit mir dry and there is also the Frozen wasteland , the Larva spider cave and hopefully more.
  10. Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

    What about the following: - different weathers / seasons for the map? - other maps altogether after release?
  11. Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

    Haven't seen anything like that yet. One of the nice things about the map being fixed (and duplicated for all factions) is that people should start learning the way it's laid out, which will give them an advantage.
  12. Like a Minimap and also a Big Map
  13. Россия в Rend!

    Our stream from the group of Russian-speaking communities! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSH1fk_1BPxUd9ju8kfiDQ
  14. Introduce Yourselves

    Hello this is teddygrams all baked and ready to go. ~~ I'm into survival, mmo, pvp, rpg, and a bunch of other games. Probably why this game instantly grasped my attention so easily when I first saw it. I can't remember where I saw this game first, though really looking forward to getting to play the game with you all and some friends.
  15. Rend Building Basics Tutorial

  16. Another Week, another Reckoning

    There would no E3 from REnd
  17. Soldier

  18. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    It should be more than 15$ but not more than 30$
  19. Introduce Yourselves

    Hey guys im a veteran survival game player whos looking for something new. I was browsing through the steam store when I saw this and just had to have it
  20. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    15$ i think
  21. Another Week, another Reckoning

    15$ i think
  22. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    I can agree on 30$ but 40$ is too much for a game like this.
  23. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    to low for a game where you pay only once. 40€ final and 30€ - 35€ EA sounds better to me.
  24. Another Week, another Reckoning

    from what i heard there will be no Rend stand on E3 but at least part of the team will go there as normal people.
  25. Another Week, another Reckoning

    I know it is not really the place but... ANY NEWS FROM E3 AND STUFF?
  26. Introduce Yourselves

    Welcome Comrade to the Forums
  27. I think he should be around 20$ dollars (Max)
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