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Rend’s Logo Reforged

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New year, new look! Tribal identity is a key aspect of Rend as its gameplay centers around a trio of competing factions. With the game being featured at conventions starting as soon as this week, we thought it was time to unveil Rend’s new logo.

Full Color:




For more insight into the inspiration behind this rebranding, here is Lead Artist and Writer Nick De Spain:

A lot of thought and consideration went into the creation of the new logo for Rend. Our goal was to encompass many aspects of the game and bring its essence to life without making the actual text of the logo difficult to read. Taking inspiration from Norse runes and the idea of triangles and triads (Rend is based on three warring factions), we created the logo you see today. The gold used for the logo color was intentional to represent glory and Valhalla. The dents and cuts are a nod to how brutal and dangerous the world can be. As a fun bonus, we found the logo worked well when flipped and repeated together to resemble a Norse pattern. The entire process of finding Rend‘s new logo was a fun challenge and rewarding experience.

Let us know what you think about Rend’s new look on our Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and community-run Discord. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read about our 2018 plans and sign up for the game’s alpha test!

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