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Rend Impresses at GDC 2018

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We’ve just returned from meeting press and partners at Game Developers Conference 2018, our second convention of the year, and the resulting interviews and articles demonstrate how excited game journalists are for what Rend is shaping up to become! Here’s a few quotes from some well-known press outlets along with links to their full coverage.

Game Informer: The Best Indie Games of GDC 2018

“Frostkeep Studios is trying to elevate [the survival genre] to a higher plane. Rend shakes things up by trying to redefine isolation to be less about the player and more about your tribe. Alongside its tight shooter gameplay and a sense of scale that intentionally seems to invoke Xenoblade, Rend seems to be making interesting changes and has shared stakes that I have wanted from online survival games since their inception.”

Shacknews: Exclusive Rend Interview

“Unlike most of the survival games crowding the early access PC games market, Rend takes a different approach and mixes in a healthy dose of fantasy elements into the formula. Players choose one of three factions and then work towards pushing that faction to victory against the others. You can choose how you serve the faction when you play, either through resource gathering or in direct combat. Shacknews editor Greg Burke got some one-on-one time with Frostkeep’s Jeremy Wood at GDC to find out how the game is progressing.”

Gizorama: A Whole New World – Update on Rend from Frostkeep

“One of the main goals for the team is to have a robust steam workshop available, and they’re not shy of drawing comparisons to games like Skyrim that have remained relevant for years thanks to mods. Frostkeep wants players to feel like they have no limits when modding Rend allowing them to create new creatures, weapons, or even entirely new mechanics. As an example, one of their developers was able to create a hornet’s nest in game with entirely new functionality, all through the modding tool.”

Massively Overpowered: Rend is Looking to WoW the Survival Genre

“One thing that I really like hearing is their idea of Early Access: It’s a real release. It’s a product they feel should be worth your time, not investment. CEO Jeremy Wood says it is still a refining period, and that the goal is to get community feedback and reward passionate players. Fans get to play the game more than the devs, so they can understand it in different ways. That should be rewarded, but it doesn’t require years of development. Release just means the product is something borne of the devs and players working together. I’ll believe all this when I see it, but damn, do I ever want to see it!”

WCCFTech: Fantasy Survival Game Rend Launches on Steam Early Access This Year

Rend is one of the next games you should be keeping an eye on. As if the playable build at [PC Gamer Weekender] wasn’t enough, the sheer volume of people, particularly children, crowding around the booth was enough proof that this game could be something special when it releases. The Minecraft-era of gamers is maturing and Rend already seems to be securing that market by introducing a combination of building, teamwork and RPG-style progression. Of course, this isn’t just a game for children, and it certainly has all the aspects that would appeal to adults too, whether you’re interested in jumping in as a team or playing solo.”

GameReactor.eu: Rend Heads to Early Access in 2018

Rend will have both PvE and PvP components, as well as player factions, RPG elements, sandbox gameplay, different win/loss conditions and “massive, culminating battle experiences the like of which have never before been witnessed in this genre”. The idea behind Rend is to join one of the three factions in the game, and then explore the world. It is a brutal place, so it is encouraged to team up with other players to fight against creatures and other factions. So player community will be key to the game’s fortunes.

Co-founder and CEO of Frostkeep Studios, Jeremy Wood, had this to say about Rend: ‘We are huge fans of the survival genre and are delivering an in-game experience that the community and our own team wants to play. We value player feedback and want them involved from the very beginning so they can influence the future direction of Rend as it heads into early access this year.'”

We look forward to bringing Rend to many more conventions (and countries!) as 2018 continues marching towards the game’s closed alpha, Early Access, and beyond!

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