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Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

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Haven't seen anything like that yet.

One of the nice things about the map being fixed (and duplicated for all factions) is that people should start learning the way it's laid out, which will give them an advantage.

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On 16.6.2017 at 11:35 PM, Agnisekhar said:

Like a Minimap and also a Big Map

no map, no minimap and no compass.

To see where you are you have to look at the world tree. Its an unwritten rule the the world tree is allways north and the home base is allways in the oposite direction of the tree.

On 18.6.2017 at 9:33 PM, Eaden said:

What about the following:

- different weathers / seasons for the map?

- other maps altogether after release?

There is a rain catcher but it doesnt work as there is no rain so yet. :D

For seasons thats not the case but there are different bioms on the map.

The Area around each faction is grass / hill land. Center is a bit mir dry and there is also the Frozen wasteland , the Larva spider cave and hopefully more.

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