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Well well well. I figured now was as good as any to give you a look into the happenings at Frostkeep over the last month. Unfortunately, I’m not going to go into details on what exactly we’re doing (Need to save those for later blog posts when we have the designs/implementation more finalized), but I will provide some hints. One thing I want to do is introduce all of the new FKers that joined since the last blog post.

In order of hiring:

Travis Inman:

Travis-767x1024.jpgSome of you may know him as FK_EvilRadish in the discord. Travis has been a contract artist working with us for the past 9 months. He played the most during our pre-alpha and was invaluable in fixing art bugs and interacting with our players. We’re very excited to have him here. I can’t wait to get our current players into the game (and new players) because they’re gonna be blown away. You can read Travis’ bio over on the team page!


Nick De Spain:

Nick-768x1024.jpgFor the last 12+ months, our artists have operated without a concept artist. That needed to change, so we went out and found the best one! Even better than being a concept artist, Nick has experience with outsourcing and is highly interested in UX design and art. We’re very lucky to have him. I can’t wait to show some of the concept art that he’s already come up with. Needless to say, Rend will be teeming with a higher variety of fauna when we open up the servers again. Nick’s bio is over on the team page!


Ron Roy:

Ron-768x1024.jpgWhenever someone who has worked with or works with Ron is asked about him, they always talk about the same thing. His foot pedal. You see, the left shift key on a keyboard puts a decent amount of strain on the wrist, and programmers use shift a LOT. So Ron bought a foot pedal, and uses it as his shift key. The best way to describe Ron is that he thinks in multi-core processors, while the rest of us think in single core processors. His ability to multi-task and fix bugs is astounding. Ron will absolutely make Rend a better game with his engineering ability, and his game design sense. You can read more about Ron on the team page.


Tyler Fuchs:

Tyler-767x1024.jpgThere are a handful of people in the world who I would play the game they created without question. Tyler is one of those. His ability to wrap his mind around games is astounding and whenever he says that a game should be played, I know I need to go play that game right now. The most recent example was a game called Dead Cells (highly recommended btw). Tyler brings some much needed player psychology analysis and systems design to Rend. We’re looking forward to seeing the systems that he designs and builds. Tyler’s bio is over on the team page.



As for what is being worked on in the game. There’s no problem with my talking about what I’m doing right now, because it’s not very exciting. I’ve been reworking the UI menus in Rend with the purpose of simplifying the experience of a new player without hiding too much information from the veteran player. I’ll happily go into more detail in a later blogpost if there’s interest.

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