Rend features a woodcutting system similar to other games made in the Unreal 4 Engine. Although it features a great deal of different unique and vivacious wildlife and resources there is only one type of tree you can gather from and one type of bush you can obtain  wooden sticks from at the beginning tiers of the game. Crosshair: If your crosshair turns from a point to  a cross then it means you can harvest thes ressource your are aiming at ( if you are close enough).  For weapons it means you are in range. Type of Tree:
Pine Tree - (green all the way to the bottom) This is the first tree one can gather from in Rend and the only tree you can hit with your fists ( nice punshing trees). The slightly larger ones Hardwood seen here can only be farmed with Curde metal tools or higher. The Large trees Knotwood can be only farmed with Iron tier. ( Crystal may also be possible.)   Type of Bush: 
Bush #1 - Gives mostly Fiber secondary Sticks thirdly tough fiber ( higher tier res not needed at the beginning) Wooden sticks can be used along with flint to craft a Wooden Axe which enables you gather Wood from Pine Trees. They can also be used for a basic Pickaxe which increases the yield of wooden sticks you get from Pine Trees instead. Stone Axe - Using an axe enables trees to drop Logs. If you use a Pickaxe then no logs will drop but a higher ammound of sticks. Gatherable Flint:
Flint -  You can find flint everywhere in certain spots. Try to look for what looks like a small shiny piece of stone / metal on the ground. Its often found next to clay.) Clay is the bround mud in this pic. You can only gather it with hands.
To make a pickaxe for gathering more wooden sticks from pine trees, you'll also need some cobblestone which can be found near large rock formations like Flint.  Stone Pickaxe -  Main drop: Sticks Secondary drop: sturdy sticks pine resin ( low chance) Fiber ( low ammount)
Gatherable Cobblestone:
Cobblestone - fit the small rocks with your fist to gather cobbelstone or use an Axe on the medium Rocks ( not the largest once.) Hope this guide has answered all of your questions about Basic Woodcutting and if you're interested in an even more in-depth look please stay tuned for the Advanced version. And hang tight for more Rend guides! Guide will also be updated as new information becomes available!
Thanks for reading!