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No Mounts Yet! 23.04.2017
@FK_JarNod Can you currently tame a wolf the way you guys did in the reveal trailer?
@MagenZion we still haven't balanced that one yet so it's not enabled
  In Rend are Different Types of Mounts. Currently its not planned to include Artificial Mounts.
There are only Ride able Mounts non of them can fly or glide.
It is planned to give Mounts special skills aswell as mounts with space for more than one person on its back but it is still in development and balancing.   How to get a Mount: To get a Mount you will need a bit luck, because Mount Typed Enemies have a low % to spawn a Spirit Realm Gate. (You can increase this rate with the Mystic Class).
Once you got a Spirit Realm Gate you can visit the Spirit Realm. There will be a lot of Demons in this World so make sure you got a Weapon.
You will need to fight these Demons and follow your Mount. Once you reached the Mount you can catch it. (I currently dont know how this works, more info later).
If you catched the Spirit Mount you get a Mount Stone or something like that, this is a Tradeable Item. If you want to keep the mount for your self you just bound it, but it cant be traded anylonger.
Now you can spawn your mount by invoking it.

Are Mounts able to die?
Yes. Mounts can die, but dont fear you can revive your friend for some resources. 
(Location will be added later aswell as further Information.)

What benefit brings me a Mount?
With a tamed Mount you are a lot faster in the Rend World. You can also fight on its back and hunt enemy down with it if they try to run away but care you can get knocked of a mounts back.
Mounts are not able to fight alone or fight anyway by thereselfs.

Types of Mounts: Elks Wolfs Source: