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  1. Almost forgot to post it here! Got a highlight and (a lot of) footage of an intense raid on Revenant base during the alpha test in May. Some people streamed it, but it's all since gone from Twitch. Enjoy!
  2. What time is it? Key giveaway time!

  3. Rend Release Date

    I'd be perfectly happy for them to push it off till fall, if they feel the need to. 1, it's impressive as hell that they've come this far this fast, and 2, there are a lot of fundamental concepts that still need some attention (team establishment and balance, griefing counters, etc, to say nothing of the overall balance and progression, which still hasn't been tested out to its full extent). Given that this game's entire development has been maybe a year at this point, a delay would hardly be unreasonable.
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