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  1. Roque Kazin

    Check out this Rend Gameplay

    Howdy @iamacyborg and gang !
  2. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Basic Weapons Guide

    Awesome, thanks for the translation! I didn't even know there was a VK group for Rend. Joined it!
  3. Roque Kazin

    Fan-made Game Trailer

    hope you guys enjoyed it!
  4. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Basic Weapons Guide

    Awesomee, thank you very much! It looks a hell of a lot better now
  5. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Basic Weapons Guide

    Hello, and welcome to the Rend Basic Weapons Guide! Rend features a unique version of action combat, unlike other games it's primary focus is based around Ranged combat. Today we're going to be looking at some of the weapons you can craft and use in Rend to dominate the battlefield. Crossbow ( Assult Rifle) The Crossbow is one of the first weapons you will notice people using in Rend due to it's sheer power at close range and sniping capabilities at long-range. It's all around a balanced weapon that fires two shots at once with around 6 shots in a clip at the lowest tier. One thing to remember about the crossbow is that it does have quite a bit of recoil. The first shot that comes out of it usually directly fires at wherever your cross-hair is aiming, but the second shot will have some recoil to it. The higher tier the Crossbow the lesser the recoil , higher the dmg, higher the clip size, higher burst ammount ( from 2 shot to 3 shot burst in iron tier.) One of the best weapons for soilders ( got an ammor increase perk) Best used Medium to close range. Medium Ammount of ammo used ( 2 times that of the bow) It's best to try and practice with this weapon if you are interested in using it to determine where you will have to aim by the time that second shot comes around. Bow ( Sniper Rifle) The Bow is the first craft-able weapon you will have access to after leveling up your basic wildlife skill to 3 via the Sharpening Sticks & Throwing Stones (best choices to use early game). The bow does not have a lot of draw-backs to it, however it is extremely weak early on in the tiers so it's best to try and hunt in groups as soon as possible while levelling this weapon. To fire it, first you must zoom in via the Right-Mouse button which will also nook an arrow and allow you to shoot it by using the Left-Mouse Click. The bow gains a lot of damage when you make it past the Makeshift Bow/Wooden Bow stage. When you are able to craft your first Compound Bow you will notice your damage start to increase massively, and then you'll truly start feeling like you're wielding a weapon capable of sniping. There are also perks that will decrease the time it takes to draw your bow, and increase headshot damage. If you're planning on going down the Assassin skill tree, this would be one of the ideal weapons for you. As Assassin you can 1 shoot people later ( Soilders aside) downside is that you are unable to fire without zooming (intendet). Low ammount of ammo is used as its singelshoot only weapon. Repeater ( Sub Maschingun) The Repeater is a mini-crossbow (strongly resembling a pistol) that has the firing rate of an Assault Rifle in other games would (Full Auto) with very little damage per shot to compensate. The repeater is an ideal weapon for those who like to get into the fight and take on the mentality of "Spray and Pray", which makes the Soldier tree a perfect choice for this weapon. Be sure to keep an eye out for the skill that allows you to get increased damage in close quarters, it'll come in very handy. Also be sure to note that the repeater does very very little damage early game so it's also a weapon you will want to use mainly while hunting in a group, until you're able to reach Bronze. Very high ammount of ammo use ( 5- 9 times more ammo needed then the bow) Spike Launcher ( Revolver) The spike launcher is an even smaller version of the repeater that acts as a magnum weapon, it has a slow firing rate but very powerful damage to compensate. Resembling something of a mini-bolt-action rifle. This is a weapon where you'll have a lot of maneuverability with in terms of class trees. You'll be able to either stay at range and make use of the Assassin Long-Range perk or rush into Close-Quarters with the Soldier perk. It's also worth noting that you will first unlock this weapon when you reach the Bronze tier, so you may need to spend time leveling up other weapons until that point. The Crossbow or Repeater may be the best choices for getting you used to what the spike launcher may feel like. Very high ammount of recoil ( you look at the sky) for the high dmg. Hopefully you've enjoyed this guide and it has answered some of your questions about some of the weapons in Rend. Please stay tuned for the Artifact Weapons guides where we'll go in-depth about all of the rare tools we'll be able to have in our arsenal via the Eternal Wastes. Thanks for reading! Blaster ( Shotgun) *pic coming soon* only avaible after Iron weapon research. Long reload time high spread dmg ( you need to be really close to make it count) very havy ( slows your walkspeed a lot harder then the other weapons)
  6. Roque Kazin

    3 New Creatures added to Rend

    Alright, you all know where we're gonna go from here. It's gonna start here: And end here: Break out the narcoberries and tranq darts - It's taming time!
  7. Roque Kazin

    What TV Series are U Watching?

    Into the Badlands Might not have the best storyline but it's definitely getting the job done until Game of Thrones comes back
  8. Roque Kazin

    Are we bored yet?

    Mmmm... Ok I'm going to be honest with this one. This is an amazing sandbox, it has it's ups. Quite a lot of them. By itself, even without The Reckoning, Eternal Wastes, or Spirit Realm implemented already it's a really solid sandbox. However... If you find yourself bored after 10 hours of grinding in a game like Ark or Conan Exiles, I would suggest you wait until these systems get implemented and the pre-alpha version gets tweaked a bit. There are some kinks going on right now that need to be worked out and they will prevent you from progressing at a decent rate. BUT, if you really really REALLY want to try and enjoy this game to the fullest.. Join Order or maybe Conclave. Definitely Order as a first choice though. Can't go into detail, but if you make it into the pre-alpha and want to enjoy your time without having it interrupted by other testers, follow this advice . At least until the wipe or a second server rolls around.
  9. This guide features information on one of the possible ways to claim victory for your faction in the world of Rend. In this guide, I'm going to be teaching you the basic mechanics of the Spirit System of Rend. Utilizing the Spirit System is one of the many ways you can claim victory for your faction in Rend, and it's process overall can be seen as a sort of Scientific Victory like you would see in a game like Civilization. Before you start on the path to a spiritual victory there is one very important tool you have to create and protect with your life. Lesser Spirit Siphon Recipe - Spirit Siphon - The Spirit Siphon is your bread and butter for anything related to Spirits and could be an even more important tool than your own weapons, pickaxes, and axes. Before you are able to craft one of these however you will need to ensure your faction has a Mystic Table built: Mystic Table Recipe - Mystic Table - To craft one of these spirit siphons you need what's called Spirit Stone Fragments, along with other basic materials. To obtain these spirit stones, you'll need to do a lot of mining. Currently in the game it's the only known way to obtain them, and they act as a rare harvest drop from both ore nodes and basic rocks. After you obtain one of these you'll need to wait until nightfall. The target you'll be seeking out does not appear in the light of day. This target is called a Spirit. Spirits appear randomly around the map and can be easily spotted since they generate a light source that you cannot miss. Spirits - When you find one of these, be sure to have your spirit siphon handy and begin your approach. To harvest the spirit's soul with your siphon, walk up to it and hold the Left Mouse Button. After you gather from it, you will see a bar below your spirit siphon start to fill up. This bar indicates how many souls you can carry in the siphon before it's completely full. When ready, return to base and prepare for the next steps. Now there's a couple things you can do with the souls you've just harvested. The first and probably less important thing you can do with these souls is deliver your spirit siphon to a mystic table for use in Research. Mystic Table Research - This would enable you to research things like enchanting supplies, a spirit trough, the taming ritual, and more. Which could be used to advance your faction in other ways and ensure a victory by other means. Home Tree - Now the second and major way of using souls would be to deliver them to your faction's tree. This tree is your faction's direct link to the home tree, and when you deposit souls into it via Right-Clicking with your spirit siphon out. Base Tree - You will see results on your home tree via the etchings beginning to light up like so: Home Tree Etchings - As you can see, it goes up very slowly, but if your etchings manage to reach the top of the tree, everyone in the faction will Ascend and instantly win the game. You will be deemed worthy by the creator and be taken to be by his/her side. Be sure to not only focus on this type of progression but on gear and other research items as well. If your faction's base tree goes down, your faction will be wiped off the map and instantly lose the game for the remaining duration of it. Hopefully this guide has answered your questions about one of the many ways to win the game for your faction. Please stay tuned for the Advanced Guide and as always when new information becomes available this guide will be updated. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!
  10. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Bestiary

    Let's make it happen!
  11. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Bestiary

    Upcoming Additions: Cave Rat Wolf Skin Variants Reckoning Monsters Eternal Wastes/Spirit World Creatures
  12. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Bestiary

    Rend is an action survival sandbox that features a great amount of different creatures and animals. List will be updated as new life-forms are discovered. Fangbars - Cats - Not-Yet-Implemented Boars - Hookbills - Elks - Fireflies - Mammoth - Raptilisks - Spiders - Spirits - Terrors - Wolves -
  13. Roque Kazin

    Introducing the Rend Item Database

    Good stuff good stuff!
  14. Roque Kazin

    Rend - Basic Survival Guide (Food and Thirst)

    No problem glad you liked it! Hopefully it helps some people out with what to do when they first get in-game.
  15. Roque Kazin

    Introduce Yourselves


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