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  1. Yamakasi

    Which logo do you like more? And why?

    I kinda like booth, the old aswell as the new. As a Banner for Rend on a Webpage I like the old one more. On the Pax Banner in Reallife the new one looks awesome, the only thing i dislike is the "N" i dont like the two \ between the I I The Symbol is awesome aswell
  2. Yamakasi

    The Character Creation

    Dont forget about the Edit box if you add or change content
  3. Yamakasi

    The Character Creation

    Mistakes? You can correct me any time
  4. Yamakasi

    Getting Started

    The "Getting Started Guide" After you spawning in the World of Rend you will probably feel overwhelmed, thats not a shame most of us did so. There are just a few Basics you need to know to get your self started. The two most important things in Rend are: Food Water Make sure you ask your faction members to show you the nearest water source, if you did so you can also ask them for some Cooked Meat. In case no one is there you can ask, I made a little paint drawing to show you a short description of the way to the most common water source. Once you filled your water desire, you will also want to get some food. I recommend to use berries for the beginning because you level the Plants Skill while gathering them and berries give you Water and Food. After getting those things you surely want to get some Tools. You will need Sticks, Cobblestone, Fiber and Flint for an Axe and Pickaxe also make sure to craft a torch for the night. The day and night cycle is about 20minutes each, so make sure to craft it as soon as possible because the nights are very dark. I recommend to check out the "Rend - Basic Woodcutting Guide" you can see the resources there. To craft those Tools you dont need a Building to craft them you just need your Personal Crafting [C - Button]. You should own the basics for Surviving in Rend now (Water, Food, Axe, Pickaxe, Torch). The next Aim should be a Weapon and Armor, I recommend to instantly craft a weapon in the Blacksmith not in the Personal Crafting Menu. If you followed this guide you shoudnt have any problems with the basic surviving in the beginning.
  5. Yamakasi

    The Character Creation

    The Character Creation The First thing you see after choosing a Server will be the Character Creation. Actually the Character Creation is very Limited, so you can choose between the following options: Faction Sex Hair Style Hair Color Facial Hair (Men Only) Actually there are 3 Hair Styles for both genders as well as 3 for men facial hair. I wont show you all of them to keep a little surprise. Currently there are the following Hair Colors available: Grey Orange Blue Yellow Dark Brown White (Female Only) Red (Female Only) Black (Female Only) In the Lower Right Box you can enter your Ingame Name. The Arrows next to your Character turns your Character to this direction. If you hover over the factions you can read the factions description.
  6. Yamakasi


    Yeah, you should go to the Discord and ask/suggest that in Ask-Frostkeep there.This is just a Guide based on Informations out of Blogs / Discord etc. https://discord.gg/R42WR I hope the Link works
  7. Yamakasi


    During character creation, you must immediately choose which of the 3 factions you wish to join. There will be no differences other than colour and base between the 3 factions.
  8. Yamakasi

    Servers & Game Localization

    FK Majenco Localization is planned, although maybe not for day 1 of Early Access
  9. Yamakasi

    Servers & Game Localization

    1) They are currently managing about the server hoster. 2) I have no information about that. I recommend to ask in Discord, in fact i like the question and will do it for you. More feedback soon
  10. Yamakasi

    The Crafting System

    The Crafting System The Crafting System in Rend has a lot of Categorise. Weapons Light Armor Heavy Armor Tools Magic Food Potions Research Repair You can specify on what Crafting Skill you want to level up. The higher your Level the better the recieps you are able to craft. There wont be any differences in Quality, just better Bows. So if you craft a Level 1 Bow as Level 50 Weapons Crafter it has the same stats as a Level 1 Weapons Crafter. Some Crafting Skills are not directly Crafting like Food, you cook Food but it is Categorised as Crafting Skill.
  11. Yamakasi

    The Mount System

    The Skill System No Mounts Yet! 23.04.2017 MagenZion @FK_JarNod Can you currently tame a wolf the way you guys did in the reveal trailer? FK_JarNod @MagenZion we still haven't balanced that one yet so it's not enabled In Rend are Different Types of Mounts. Currently its not planned to include Artificial Mounts. There are only Ride able Mounts non of them can fly or glide. It is planned to give Mounts special skills aswell as mounts with space for more than one person on its back but it is still in development and balancing. How to get a Mount: To get a Mount you will need a bit luck, because Mount Typed Enemies have a low % to spawn a Spirit Realm Gate. (You can increase this rate with the Mystic Class). Once you got a Spirit Realm Gate you can visit the Spirit Realm. There will be a lot of Demons in this World so make sure you got a Weapon. You will need to fight these Demons and follow your Mount. Once you reached the Mount you can catch it. (I currently dont know how this works, more info later). If you catched the Spirit Mount you get a Mount Stone or something like that, this is a Tradeable Item. If you want to keep the mount for your self you just bound it, but it cant be traded anylonger. Now you can spawn your mount by invoking it. Are Mounts able to die? Yes. Mounts can die, but dont fear you can revive your friend for some resources. (Location will be added later aswell as further Information.) What benefit brings me a Mount? With a tamed Mount you are a lot faster in the Rend World. You can also fight on its back and hunt enemy down with it if they try to run away but care you can get knocked of a mounts back. Mounts are not able to fight alone or fight anyway by thereselfs. Types of Mounts: Elks Wolfs Source:
  12. Yamakasi

    The Skill System

    The Skill System in Rend is special, because you can Level nearly every Profession you can do in game. These are categorised as Adventuring Skills, Crafting Skills and Combat Skills. Different to the Class System you can Level Up every single profession in the Game not only 2 out 4, but you will need a lot of time to level them all to max level. How to Level Skills: The more often you do some of the professions the better you get at it. Refering to the Blog post: Punching trees gets you better at punching trees? What happens when I level up a profession: Simple The better you get, the better you get. So if you Lumber a lot you lumber faster and more items. For Combat its do more damage, faster reloads and less recoil. BUT Rend has an unlock system not only a passive system! At certain Levels you can Choose between some Perks these Levels are: 5, 10, 25, 50. Also you Unlock better crafting recipes with a higher level. An Example for the Adventuring Skills: At Level 5 in Herbalis you can Choose between "Friend of the Herbs" aswell as "Huntin for the Rare Bloom". FotH gives you an increased yield by gathering plants HftRB gives you a higher Chance of Rarer Resources. Combat Skill example: At Level 50 in Bow Fighting you can choose between "Hunter Perk" and "Sniper Perk". Hunter Perk gives you a % boost on Movement for 5 seconds up to a stack of 5times. Sniper Perk gives you a % dmg boost while standing still, up to 2%. Hint: You can NOT reset Perks! Actual Adventuring Skills that have a Level: Lumber Stone Plants Creatures Metal Spirits Heat Cold Riding Spirit Realm Actual Crafting Skills that have a Level: Weapons Light Armor Heavy Armor Tools Magic Food Potions Research Repair Actual Combat Skills that have a Level: Wildlife Demons Players Bows Repeaters Crossbows Spike Launchers Light Dark Spirit Leather Silk Thanks to Iamacyborg for the Screenshots! Source: https://www.frostkeep.com/2017/04/20/punching-trees-gets-you-better-at-punching-trees/
  13. Yamakasi

    Screenshot dump

    Thanks a lot. Iamacyborg these are on of the first "real" screenshots out of the game by alpha testers. Take my +Rep!
  14. Yamakasi

    Want to win an alpha key?

    You already won :DD
  15. Yamakasi

    What Faction will you choose?

    Sorry I need to - Rep this Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew... Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew... Part of the Revenant!

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