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  1. Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

    I really want a Minimap
  2. Announcement regarding launch date

    Good news that devs are taking time to fix the bugs and game but do not like the delay news.
  3. Like a Minimap and also a Big Map
  4. Another Week, another Reckoning

    There would no E3 from REnd
  5. Soldier

  6. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    It should be more than 15$ but not more than 30$
  7. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    I can agree on 30$ but 40$ is too much for a game like this.
  8. Introduce Yourselves

    Welcome Comrade to the Forums
  9. I think he should be around 20$ dollars (Max)
  10. When the Game is coming Out?Its already Spring

    Too Excited
  11. Another Week, another Reckoning

    Good Stuff
  12. Introduce Yourselves

    Yes i hope there are Asian Servers
  13. Mob aggro bug

    Ah thanks
  14. Cant see anything

    Caves need to have more light