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  1. FK_JarNod

    Suggestion: The Warehouse and how it could work.

    Yup! We're hearing any and all feedback about the warehouse and reputation system. The current implementation is to have only items that the faction as a whole uses to be craftable using warehouse resources. However, after hearing the feedback, we're probably going to allow for more than just buildings/structures and that type of thing. Since you're all working as a team, it'll be useful.
  2. FK_JarNod

    Is there any particular Weapon of the Factions?

    The biggest reason we didn't want faction prerequisites on weapons is that we wanted players to be able to loot items off another person when they kill them.
  3. FK_JarNod

    How many types of Wildlife can we hunt in Rend?

    All of them are harvestable, but they don't drop loot in the MMO sense of the word.
  4. FK_JarNod

    Does the Crafted Items lose their Durability?

    I know at this point the gear is lost. You can repair it at any time though. I believe we'll have weapons that break but aren't lost. I'll check though
  5. FK_JarNod

    How many types of Wildlife can we hunt in Rend?

    8 creatures and 3 monsters currently. Each creature can have color variations though.
  6. FK_JarNod

    Weapons and Armour

  7. FK_JarNod

    Does the Crafted Items lose their Durability?

    Most weapons will lose their durability requiring that you repair them with specific materials
  8. FK_JarNod

    Weapons and Armour

    Yes, they lie on your corpse. You have to run back and loot it before anyone else does or the corpse despawns
  9. FK_JarNod

    Screenshot dump

    That is the spirit siphon. You siphon up whisps and bring them back to your divinity stone to win the game
  10. FK_JarNod

    Servers & Game Localization

    We're going to need people to test setting up private servers soon, so we will definitely need people to do some private servers in pre-alpha. We will have private servers available at EA launch.
  11. FK_JarNod

    What is the plan for Development

    We will be doing pre-alpha -> early access availability,which is coming in Spring 2017!
  12. FK_JarNod

    What is your experience with the pre-alpha?

    I know that I'd love to hear it
  13. FK_JarNod

    I blame Iamacyborg for this

    It's all his fault
  14. FK_JarNod

    What class do you want more info on?

    Why is Smaug wearing a star trek pin? I'll be doing an in depth look at classes soon!

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