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  1. translating to Russian language on: сайт (site) или паблик (public)
  2. Drop the Base, Raise the Roof

    RU: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_53251841
  3. Post XPO Fest

    RU: Перевод на русский язык: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_53233917
  4. 2 New FKers!

    RU: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_53158011
  5. Post PAX West

    Russia: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_53144817
  6. Refactoring the UI: Part 1

    Translation into Russian: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_53102771
  7. Announcement regarding launch date

    It's a pity :( Translated into Russian: https://vk.com/page-142823387_53024785
  8. Россия в Rend!

    Our stream from the group of Russian-speaking communities! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSH1fk_1BPxUd9ju8kfiDQ
  9. What is gonna be the Price of the Game?

    15$ i think
  10. Another Week, another Reckoning

    15$ i think
  11. Россия в Rend!

  12. Artifacts :)

    Translation into Russian: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_52989894
  13. When the Game is coming Out?Its already Spring

    A little explain the situation. Earlier Frostkeep said: "The game will be released this spring." But, about a month ago, on a press question from JarNod, one of the developers, said that "Perhaps we will postpone the launch of the game for later, we try to eliminate as much as possible all the shortcomings that we have now!" Less than a month ago, JarNod answered the correspondent's question: Question number 1: The month of "Spring". Also known as the output of Rend? Answer: We did not tell anyone in which month we will start. Question number 2: So, I guess that the spring of 2017 for early access is the time? Answer: Yes, the spring of 2017 is the time for early access. From this we can conclude that most likely the developers wanted to release the game this spring, but because of errors in the game on the alpha test, they do not release it now.
  14. Getting ready for the Reckoning!

    Translation into Russian: https://vk.com/frostkeep?w=page-142823387_52967085
  15. Forum Improvements

    It is necessary to increase the time or give the right, the authors of the created themes, the endless editing of the topic and whenever possible access to editing