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    Announcement regarding launch date

    I guess that means a pre-alpha key for everyone still not in to compensate us for the delay. The obvious being said, that is nice news you manage to get that opportunity (cash entry I suppose). Against games like Fortnite coming out too, you will need all the bullets you can get.
  2. Eaden

    Are We gonna have Maps in the Game?

    What about the following: - different weathers / seasons for the map? - other maps altogether after release?
  3. Eaden

    Another Week, another Reckoning

    I know it is not really the place but... ANY NEWS FROM E3 AND STUFF?
  4. Eaden

    What time is it? Key giveaway time!

    Waiting longer...
  5. Eaden

    Order - Guild recruiting topic

    I ain't the one to create guilds and clubs, I don't have the patience lol However, I added it in the template.
  6. Well, you guys know the drill: fill the template, and good luck to you! --- TEMPLATE Name: Activity: Focus: Time Zone: Content: Website: Discord / TS: Rend Club link: Description / recruitment text: --- INFO ABOUT THE TEMPLATE Name: (of the guild) Activity: how active your guild will be Casual Softcore Hardcore Focus: what will be your main activities Harvesting Crafting Hunting (PvE) Questing (PvE) Skirmishes (ganks and small scale PvP) War (Reckoning and large scale PvP) Time Zone: the region in which you will operate. EUW - Western Europe EUE - Eastern Europe NAW - Western North America NAE - Eastern North America PAC - Pacific / Australia ASIA - Asia Content: how clean or nasty are your conversations (how old must be your members) PG13 PG16 PG18 Mature content (meaning PG18 + dodgy sense of humour) Website: URL of your website / forum Discord / TS: Invite for your Discord / address of your TS Rend Club link: link to your club on the Rend forum. Description / recruitment text: keep it short and formatted to make it readable.
  7. Eaden

    Automated turrets

    Many ways of making it work. Many (more) ways of making it not work too. Let's take examples: - auto-turrets have a cone of view in front of the turret (20 meters for example). - so player will make a cluster of auto-turrets for the complete 360° to be covered OR back against a wall. And you got auto-turrets without drawbacks already. - now imagine you have a player's weapon that reach over 20 meters, so you can get the auto-turret from afar. Then melee class gets avoided as it has just become more limited in its use. - or devs make as so the auto-turrets cannot be clustered, so you got small "islands" of turrets spread as a minefield instead (gets ugly already). - or devs restrict the number of turrets, or the way / area they can be built / built on, and players don't feel as free to play as before. - or devs require the auto-turrets to be powered up one way or another, making it interesting to cut the supply lines rendering those useless, thus making auto-turrets not as useful either. - or devs request that ammos are to be used in those auto-turrets for them to run instead of power supply and you got a pain in the butt refill line, as it is not as automated as it sounds, and stay a "dumb" AI piloted turret. Meaning you bring the ammo, but will it be really worth it? - or any combination of the above. I guess manned turret solve easily all those issues. 1 - it will take some thoughts before building a manned turret: is it well located for defense? Is it easily accessible by us? can the enemy reach it easily? How far is it from what it is defending? Is it worth the resources? 2 - it will take a player out of the battle to use them, thus granting more fire power for example, but restraining troops on the battlefield. Meaning that a smart enemy could choose to bring the battle away from the manned turrets, pushing the defenders out of place, or not depending on how well the defense has been planned. 3 - I would also suggest that manned turrets take ammunition to be used, and nothing else. Meaning that a turret could be handled by only one player if he is willing to bring the ammo, or can also be supported by other players (as active ammo supplier). Meaning more players out of the battlefield, but an enhanced fire power as well. Manned turret is much more interesting in terms of risk VS reward and strategical decision, that auto-turrets that you try to spread as well as you can, and then never thing about them again.
  8. Eaden

    Revenant vs Conclave vs Order

    Let the war begins!
  9. Eaden

    Automated turrets

    Please no auto-turrets. I want to be able to sneak behind enemy lines without being spotted by a dumb auto-turret randomly constructed. Manned turrets make sense tho.
  10. Eaden

    Weapons and Armour

    Can the dropped inventory and gear after death be looted by anyone? Will the inventory / gear eventually decay and disappear if not looted or recovered? And good thing you may lose everything, that means risk VS reward will be a thing, and this will also create an economy sink for the crafters to have use of their skills all along a campaign.
  11. Eaden

    Rend Main Theme Song

    Love it.
  12. Eaden

    Forum Improvements

    Oh, I did not know. Still official forum tho?
  13. Eaden

    Forum Improvements

    @ Frostkeep - Any way for you to add a profile and / or group tag with the different faction emblems for the forum? Like for us members to be able to show a small icon with our faction or something under our avatar. Or a frame with the color of our faction? I don't know, something fancy.
  14. Eaden


    PS: will repost properly in the correct forum I've found.
  15. Eaden


    Send me an invite. Let show them what some order can bring.

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